“The R.A.K.”

I started this section of the website because I want to focus on the good that happens in the world, and help others to see and share it as well.  R.A.K. stands for “Random Act of Kindness,” and we see them every day.  I hope to use whatever platforms I have to highlight the good deeds and actions I see throughout my day, and I hope you will join me in periodically sharing something you did, saw, or received that helped put a smile on your face and warmth in your heart. Sometimes the smallest act can make the difference in a day – or a life - for someone else.

The “Effect”

The great part about kindness is that it creates happiness in both the person who receives kindness and the person who is kind. This is the “Effect” component of what I have dubbed “The R.A.K. Effect,” and I see the power of kindness of having the potential to change lives, and the world, when we recognize it in our day, feel its effects pervade our beings, and endeavor to spread it to the people we encounter throughout the course of our day. My hope is that in sharing our experiences together, we can multiply the effects of the kindness we encounter and the joy it creates by basking in the collective good we find in the world.

The effects of kindness can be profound. Ouweneel, Le Blanc, and Wilmar (2014) found that the effects of undertaking acts of gratitude, such as writing a letter, had pronounced effects on happiness that lasted up to a month, and that the effects are felt nearly immediately!  However, importantly, they also found that undertaking such actions on a daily basis had stronger effects on happiness than doing so on a weekly basis, and that keeping weekly gratitude notes for ten weeks was needed to positively effect overall health.  To me, this means that we need to engage in kindness and gratitude often and on an ongoing basis, and it really will change our overall health!  To me, it is incredibly exciting to be able to incorporate something so simple into our routine, yet have a profound and lasting positive impact on our personal well-being.  Essentially, the more you do good, the better you feel!

The R.A.K Effect Challenge

The R.A.K. Effect Challenge asks you to post at least once a week on my Facebook page about something good you did, saw, or received that helped put a smile on your face, and what you loved about it/why it struck you as noteworthy.  It can be long or short, but I’m guessing that simply taking a minute at least once a week will help us all feel happier for having done so.  Challenge yourself to continually find and recognize good in your life!  Remember:  The more you look for good, the more you’ll find, and the more good you do, the better you’ll feel!

While sometimes overt and easily noticed, R.A.K.s are often subtle and nuanced, and can easily go unnoticed by others – or even by the person who brightened the day for someone else.  People have the power to make others happy, and often do – without even knowing it!  So Take The R.A.K Effect Challenge at https://www.facebook.com/authorkevinfleming/ and help recognize and spread the effects of the good you see in the world!

Take the R.A.K. Effect Challenge!